• Training

At Aafaq Al Jadeed we provide customer-driven corporate and individual training solutions in India and abroad, as well as customized courses and workshops to meet yours and your organization’s learning needs. We have satisfactorily delivered a number of training courses and consultancy to the prestigious organizations in Saudi Arabia and Oman.

These trainings are specifically designed to help individuals bridge specific competency gaps or acquire new skills in short periods of time, usually ranging between 1 and 5 days, depending on individual and organizational needs. The subjects covered in such training sessions are based on the specific needs of each participant and comprise briefings by Meirc subject matter experts, reviews of manuals, reports and other data, as well as supervised exercises and structured discussions.

• Consulting

Aafaq Al Jadeed through its experienced Consultants Team, offer organizations new business license setup feasibility study market analysis and a full loop analysis business accounts external auditing service. Using advanced software tools we can analyze the loop for critical control performance factors such as control valve performance, process non-linearity and tuning parameters.

The benefits include development of asset and maintenance strategies to meet business objectives, review of existing asset plans and policies & drawing up improvement plans, auditing and bench marking of maintenance and asset performance, asset risk assessments and vulnerability studies, design reviews, optimizing logistics and spare parts inventories, , cost/benefit improvisation of maintenance tasks using decision support tools, improvisation of maintenance planning & scheduling, organisational development.